Congrats to the team on the publication “Local and distant cortical responses to single pulse intracranial stimulation in the human brain are differentially modulated by specific stimulation parameters” in Brain Stimulation! Paulk et al. examined brain responses to varying input parameters of single pulse direct electrical stimulation in the brains of individuals with intractable epilepsy undergoing intracranial brain recordings as a part of their clinically indicated care to localize seizure onset zones in the brain. Through systematic hypothesis testing of how different features of the stimulation can induce different responses, the Paulk et al. examined the input-output relationships of stimulation parameters and brain responses. The main finding was that stimulation in the white matter (which is the connections between brain regions) induced more widespread distant neural responses but stimulation at the boundary between the white matter and the grey matter (where the cell bodies of the neurons are located) in the cortex produced bigger local responses, with different effects in different brain regions. The work may lead to both a better understanding of the connectivity of the human brain as well as possibly tailor our use of stimulation in various therapies such as in deep brain stimulation.

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