Moving new neurotechnologies into the clinical space to better understand the human brain takes a considerable amount of effort, time, and a team of neuroscientists, clinicians, researchers, engineers, and clinical staff. It also requires substantial attention to regulatory pathways and neuroethical considerations. In a major step forward Brian Coughlin, Angelique C. Paulk and others share a detailed protocol for using the powerful and revolutionary high resolution Neuropixels probe in the human operating room with patient participants in a Nature Protocols article providing a framework for safe application and use of Neuropixels to record human brain activity at unprecedented resolution.


Coughlin B, Muñoz W, Kfir Y, Young MJ, Meszéna D., Jamali M, Caprara I, Hardstone R, Khanna A, Mustroph ML, Trautmann EM, Windolf C, Varol E, Soper DJ, Stavisky SD, Welkenhuysen M, Dutta B, Shenoy KV, Hochberg LR, Richardson RM, Williams ZM, Cash SS, Paulk AC (2023). Modified Neuropixels probes for recording human neurophysiology in the operating room. Nature Protocols. doi: 10.1038/s41596-023-00871-2. Epub ahead of print