Congratulations on two new papers on intracranial electrode localization in humans from us and others!
1. SEEGAtlas: A framework for the identification and classification of depth electrodes using clinical images

SEEGAtlas was developed by Rina Zelmann at McGill in Montreal as a plugin in the Ibis Neuronav software package enabling multiple imaging tools to locate electrodes:
SEEGAtlas plugin:

2. Modular pipeline for reconstruction and localization of implanted intracranial ECoG and sEEG electrodes

For the second paper, Dan Soper lead a paper laying out our recon approach used on more than 200 patients which is also an online protocol (below) which was built to help naive users make use of the modular approaches we use involving multiple software packages. This also includes a MMVT-lite thanks to Noam’s and others efforts which can be installed an used for electrode localization. Congrats to Dan and the whole team!