A massive CONGRATULATIONS to Prof. Sydney S. Cash for becoming the Division Chief for the Clinical Neurophysiology Division at Massachusetts General Hospital!!!!

In a celebration of Prof. Andy Cole’s service and efforts to grow the epilepsy monitoring unit into a Clinical Neurophysiology Division over many years, we also heard the fantastic news that Dr. Cash will be taking the lead of the world-class Clinical Neurophysiology Division at Massachusetts General Hospital. We all look forward to his leadership and creativity in moving forward such a fantastic, groundbreaking division!!!


Photos are of Prof. Merit Cudkowicz (Chief, Neurology Department), Assistant Prof. Alice Lam, Associate Prof. Marcello Matiello, and Prof. Andy Cole along with Prof. Sydney Cash talking about both the inspiring, excellent, and high quality leadership and mentorship that Prof. Andy Cole displayed as Division Chief and the excitement of Prof. Cash taking on this role moving forward!


We also got to get some photos of members of the Department of Neurology Clinical Neurophysiology Division and Cash lab members who got to attend!